Programs for Parents

Partner Overview

Programs for Parents (PfP) is a non-profit organization which works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. We accomplish this by promoting quality child care services within our community.

We link families seeking child care with those organizations that provide such skills. In addition, our goal is to continue to enhance the skills and activities of child care providers so that children and families receive high quality services in the areas of health, safety and child development.

Service Overview

Financial Assistance

Many families have concerns about the affordability of child care. Our agency offers financial assistance to cover all or a portion of child care costs through subsidy programs. This assistance is available for low income parents, guardians and foster parents in Essex County.

New Jersey Cares for Kids (NJCK)
NJCK is designed for those who are employed and/or attending school full time or participating in a combination of these two activities equivalent to full time. Eligibility is determined by family size, household income and employment and/or education hours. Under NJCK there are several different funding sources created to meet unique family circumstances.

Work First New Jersey (WFNJ)
WFNJ provides child care for clients participating in job training or work as a requirement of the Welfare-to-Work program. PfP is a proud participant in the WFNJ program because it allows parents to focus on training to enter the workforce and gain security for their families. WFNJ participants receive counseling on child care options and referrals. Their child care is funded through their participation in a qualified welfare-to-work activity assigned by an Essex County Department of Social Services Specialist. Participants in WFNJ are referred to a PfP Child Care Specialist by a Case Worker or Employment Specialist.