Family Support Organization of Essex County

Partner Overview

Family Support Organization of Essex County is a family-centered, family-driven nonprofit organization that provides peer support, education and advocacy for parents of children who have emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance use, intellectual and developmental challenges.

Our goal is to empower parents and caregivers to take control of their lives by building on their strengths and supporting them as needed. We work with other agencies to strengthen families in order to keep youth and healthy in their homes and communities

Service Overview

The word “SEA” is an easy way to remember our commitment to families.

-Support families in identifying their strengths and building on them to address their needs and goals. Our staff assists families at critical times such as when a child is newly diagnosed, accessing services, involved in treatment planning with service providers, meeting with the child-family team, or with the child-study team.
-Educate parents/caregivers of their rights, responsibilities and resources that may be available to assist them to reach their family goals. Monthly educational sessions are also offered on a variety of relevant topics.
-Advocate on behalf of the family to ensure that their needs, rights and preferences are heard and honored to the maximum extent possible. Family Support Organization of Essex County ’s board and parent leaders also advocate for improvements in the various systems that serve children and families with complex needs.