Partner Overview

NJ GEAR UP/College Bound began as The Consortium for Pre-College Education in Greater Newark/New Jersey College Bound Program in 1986, as a collaboration between the Newark Public Schools and the state of New Jersey. The federal GEAR UP program component was awarded in 1999 to provide additional student services.

Service Overview

NJ GEAR UP/ College Bound 6th through second year college.
The program offers educational support to middle, high school and college freshman to help them prepare for and enroll in a college or university. Students participate in a four- to six-week summer program and/or a 20-week academic-year program that includes Saturday instruction, field trips, college tours and other support services. Participants are also offered in-school and after-school tutoring during the school year at designated target schools.

Upward Bounf for English Language Learners (UBELLs), 9th -12th grades.
This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is designed to address the needs of low-income and first-generation prospective college students. The types of services offered include a 20-week academic-year program and a six-week summer program. Special emphasis is placed on assisting students to achieve English competence, while providing academic instruction in mathematics, science, communication skills, computer applications and Spanish.