Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Partner Overview

Sadie Nash Leadership Project was founded in 2001 to promote leadership and activism among young women. The program is designed to strengthen, empower, and equip young women as agents for change in their lives and in the world. By increasing the participation of women in social, political, and economic decision-making, SNLP seeks to question and redefine the nature of leadership and to promote perspectives and practices that are cooperative, accountable, ethical, and effective.

Service Overview

Our programs include:

Two-year Leadership Program for young women ages 14-19 including:
-Summer Institute
-Community Action Placement (CAP)
-Summer Empowerment Training (SET)

ELLA (Engage, Learn, Lead, Act) is a fellowship program for young women ages 16-22 who want to begin social justice projects in their communities.

Leadership Institute is a year-long, after-school program for young women ages 14-19. The classes focus on community building and intensive leadership development.

The Partnership Program provides an opportunity for schools and community based organizations to bring a customized leadership class to the young women they work with.

All programs are application based. Please visit the website.